by Ed Meyer

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I just got back in town from Vegas. The lights and glitter still linger in my head, and the many players that came from near and far stagger the imagination. When my plane took off, and I could see the lights down below, it was at that point that I started thinking of coming back.

Doing battle in a major contest is like doing battle in the arena. Well, maybe that is a bit much, but I think you get where I am coming from.

The contest was held at The Orleans. It was The Fall Classic, and it was a great time to be in Vegas….There were 480 others just like me, and we all chased the prize. The format was a challenge. It was a “win only” format. The usual flavor is win and place, but this time they changed it up… The World Series will be held on the tried and true, but this added a little twist. I never gave it a second thought. I came to pick winners anyway. What is the problem?

Each day you were given 12 plays to make. The tracks were: Belmont, Laurel, Calder, Louisiana Downs, Santa Anita, and Golden Gate. The selection was solid, and the field of players was deep. This was going to be interesting…

Day One.. The game began, and I had made my 12 plays. It was 4:15 p.m., and I started looking back at what I had did to better prepare for the next day. I picked zero winners, but had 8 second place finishes. All of my contest plays are at least 15-1 or better. This made me draw a breath. For a day that produced zilch, could have been a moderate day. I had three plays over 25-1 run second. The day could have been sweeter.

Day Two…  I had to break my ways, and right out of the gate I had a modest winner that paid $18.40 to win. Now, this won’t get you to the promised land, but after the first day and ten pages of players,  four of those pages had zeros…. I was on the map, and the day was young. It was at this time, that 6 second place finishes came right down the middle. It was like an inside pitch that grazes your chin.. Add in one small winner of $10.80, and then call the day a wrap…

Day Three…. Each day also carries along an individual payout for that day. All scores carry over, but each day is kept apart. I started with a 30-1 shot, and the bombs started dropping. I had a few place wagers and a few small winners. My grand total for place runners tallied 20 out of 36. I was a bridesmaid. Not that I finished second by any means, but my second place finishes would have kept me in the game. My final score was right in the middle of the scores, and the three day contest is in the books.

I love playing, and I have won big tournaments. I have placed in big tournaments, and I have not even made the top 100 to make the score sheets. So, I have seen just about everything.

As I went through security in Vegas, I looked back over my shoulder. I wanted back, and you can bet I will make it back to the biggies. When you love something and devote time and energy, it is only a matter of time…I’ll see you soon, big city. That you can count on…..