Hate It…

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 12, 2009 in Breeders Cup, General Discussion | No Comments >>

These are strong words for me. Especially about the sport that I love…. To allow runners to win one race, and PRESTO they make the big dance. It just doesn’t sit well with me as a fan….

I have seen some of the day’s events, and I have to say that it breaks my heart that some of these runners will make it to the Breeders’ Cup.

Call me a racing purist, or just call me something ugly… I hate it..It takes away from the original way of doing things. Keep it based on money earned, and I think it will equal out. We will see the best horses run in the biggest races.

I will not take a stance and say that a runner was stiffed. Not because I am afraid, but because none of us know all of the details.

Today when you saw the G-1 Goodwood Stakes, Mine That Bird was off the pace by his usual dozen or so lengths. He was sent out to get a feel for the track, and see how he would acclimate to California. He has 4 wins from 6 starts on poly, and that is not bad.

He was last, and as always, for most of the race Calvin Borel kept him on the rail. At the top of the lane, Borel brought him out in the middle to far outside and did not give a vigorous hand ride. He asked a few times with the “encourager” down the lane. It was about the final 1/8th when he did accelerate like his mane was on fire. Borel did not get him involved, and kept him out of traffic. Fine and dandy, he was given a race and looks good for the future. Kudos to Bennie Woolley… The winner, Gitano Hernado, has NO business going to the B/C…  Fallon is an excellent rider, and he got lucky today holding off Colonel John.

I guess if I take a deep breath, the real runners will be there. But I still have a bad taste in my mouth by allowing one win to take you to the promised land. Racing should be progressive, and change should be embraced. But some old rules should always apply. They play nine regulation innings, four quarters in football, and there are five on five in basketball. Some things should never change… It lessens the field, and could exclude some that are legit…..