Leave It Alone

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 13, 2009 in Breeders Cup, General Discussion | No Comments >>

Today there was a great story in The Saratogian. It was getting me all hyped about the B/C Juvenile, and then I read the comment after the story. Mom was right… If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all….

The article was well written. It spoke of Richard Dutrow and how he was shaping up for the Breeders’ Cup.  I am a fan of D’Funnybone, winning the Belmont Futurity, and how Homeboykris took down the Hopeful Stakes.

When it comes to this point of the year, the thoughts cannot begin to be put into words. Ever since the inception of the Breeders’ Cup, trainers now have another big day to shoot for. It covers all surface angles, and has something for the babies on the rise, to the tried and true hard-balls.

Back to the comment section. Just leave it alone. There is no need to qualify a trainer. No need to put in there: “he is often suspended, or he still continues to bat 50% ITM.” Let well enough alone. When a solid article is written, there is no need to change the pace and fire out something to tear down another.

The game is tough enough. That is why we have a regulatory body watching the game. We don’t need to pile on. If Dutrow is going to stand in the corner for an infraction, maybe we should let the powers that be, be the judge of that. It does no possible good for the integrity of the game to preface a career with his or her accusations.