Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 15, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

When the first utterance of betting dime supers came up to my boss, he seemed to be angered. In his mind, he saw people betting less. I can understand his initial feelings, but after further review, he began to see the light….

I showed him a race that I liked. He began to get agitated. He is not much of a player, and would rather focus on running the business.  It was when I showed him that I was on his side, that he began to listen. I wanted the handle to increase. I wanted to deliver a quality wager to the betting public. I too wanted to allow the track more churn at the windows. Now, he was all ears.

Going to the dime wager would allow me to beat the tax man. It would keep those dreaded tax forms from coming to my house. It would allow me to keep more money in my pocket, and bet more times at the windows. The public belief overall, is that the track wants you to lose like a casino or lottery does. Not the case… We want you to win every bet, and go home in a limo. The track is set to collect a % off of every dollar wagered. This allows us to stay open. So, we are all about beating the tax man legally…

He felt that a player would play less because they can bet less. It was then that I boldly asked if I could wager my yearly salary against any overage of last year’s superfecta handle. He sat back, and folded his hands and listened. I said that players are more inclined to wager a bit more knowing that the tax man was not back there to levy a penalty. If I was going to bet $20, it would now be in the $24 – $30 range. It is like getting a free ride, but all we are doing is reducing the amount wagered compared to the amount won….He began to smile…

The sale was made, and this old way of doing things has fallen by the wayside. I then snapped right into 50-cent trifectas…. It was like starting all over again…. But one step at a time…

This has been over five years ago….. Things have progressed to catch up with the Joneses of the racing world. Still no 50-cent tri’s, but give it time… I like to see the average man to the whale get a break at the windows. It only beckons that to allow a player to keep more money in pocket, will give them more churn at the windows.. Still, unlike all gambling models, the track is the only one where they want you to win… The more winners, hopefully the more visits. The more visits, I think you see where it is going from here….. Kinda glad my boss finally did as well…..

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