Don’t Call It A Comeback

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 16, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Tonight I was on the phone with my good friend Pete Aiello. He has shifted his tack to Hialeah Park, which is going to be open for a quarter horse meet in November, for forty days. They are just getting things together, and it sounds like a high energy operation.

Pete is the race caller at River Downs, and will still be in April. He graduated from the University of Arizona, and is well versed in all aspects of track management. The best things in his corner are an unbridled sense of energy, and the blessing of youth.

He is an incredible handicapper, and used to call into our Internet show here on Winning Ponies. He has stepped into a marketing / publicity role, and it sounds like he is working for an incredible person; one who encourages growth, and brings a great deal to the table. What a job…  To do what you love, and be respected and made part of the team right out of the gate.

As he was taking the train home, I could hear the enthusiasm in his voice. The ideas, the thoughts, and the team he will be working with. It is a great time, and he is starting on the ground floor with everyone else. It has the sound of something good. Hialeah was a well respected part of racing for a very long time. This is just the beginning, and before you know it they will be up and at it again…

For the times when we hear so many tracks struggling, it is a wonderful sound about the growth and creation of racing in a spot that has been closed for years. I am sure there will be many hurdles, but with people like Pete on the team, I am sure it won’t be long before we see the “flying of the flamingos” back in action. Good luck, Hialeah… Glad to see you getting back in the game…