What To Do???

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 20, 2009 in Breeders Cup, General Discussion | No Comments >>

You finally made it to the B/C, and you have to make a choice to ride your pony in the million dollar bonanza. What to do, what to do… There are so many to go with, and here are some thoughts from the Breeders’ Cup site.

Here are some insights into riders others chose:

Kent Desormeaux – 4 votes

Johnny Murtagh – 1 vote (WTF) ????

Mike Smith – 1 vote (I found this a little low)

Garret Gomez – 2 votes (This should go up every year)

Johnny Velasquez – (A BIG surprise)

Rafael Bejarano – (He will be the future)

Frankie Dettori – (he only wants to ride the biggies, and he has magic on the big days)

O.K, how about – Alex Solis, Robby Albarado, Calvin Borel, Corey Nakatani, Alan Garcia, Julien Leparoux, Todd Kabel, Edgar Prado, Patrick Husbands, Rajiv Maragh??? There are so many to choose from, that there is no boot up on the other. I do like Desormeaux and Gomez more than the others. Kent D is a money rider, and seldom makes mistakes. Go-Go is rock solid. When he ships into another track, he brutalizes the day and takes home all of the money.

The thing to remember is that everyone is trying, even the trainers who are 30-1.. They all want to etch their name in history and cash in a big payday. Also, factor in the breeding angle, and there will be money to be made for years to come. So, don’t discount a big rider on a small circuit. Remember Stewie Elliot? How about the Cajun-man, Borail??

Don’t discount, and look for the value… Everybody is on their “A” game… For the record, I would like to project a few riders in the next three years who will be back in the limelight winning all of the money….

1. Rafael Bejarano – This kid is the future… PERIOD.

2. GO-GO has about another 5-8 years left in his mojo bag.

3. Leandro Goncalves – He looks good, and it will take time. He will be arriving at the right time.

4. Julien Leparoux – His abilities are endless. He is young, and is a smart rider in the saddle… He will go down with the big boys someday…