Too Little Too Late

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 22, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

In Kentucky, the Republican Senators are trying to flex their muscle and show the country they can fix the racing industry. This was never a move to fix anything except to get reelected.

All along, when the state needed a budget fix and school programs extended, the infighting and bipartisan crap killed off all hopes. The Senate Chair did everything in his power to kill this before it could ever be discussed. The irony of the situation is that he is not against casinos. He is a frequent visitor to local venues.

The industry is dying, and the many people who have suffered in the state due to poor leadership, are now being told they will be pulled from the quagmire and brought back to life. They will get behind a version of the bill. It will not give as much money to the tracks for survival, but it would keep taxes down. The bottom line: the industry dies, and many will be put out of work. If this was a viable option, why didn’t they bring it to the table months ago and discuss this? Why didn’t they get behind the Democratic bill and help tweak it? It is all about politics. It is all about who will save the day…..

At the end of this deal, the people will lose. Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that they have come up with an idea to save you. It is a movement to save them… They don’t care about the industry, and this is the show card.