We Will Miss You

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 25, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

In any sport we miss the great ones when they leave. It is one thing to be very good at your craft, but add in being a stand-up person who exudes class, and you have a person who leaves a hole in the game….

Larry Jones was on TVG Saturday right before the Raven Run… Many talked about rooting for him, and it wouldn’t be long before he hangs it up. Iron rusts, and Superman has kryptonite. For Larry Jones, I think the game just took away his wind. He was more comfortable wearing that white Stetson, and working with the horses. He is not a media machine that thrives on a camera or interview as many need. They talked about when he first started, and when you walked past his shed row, it was filled with runners that nobody else wanted. This is a testament to his abilities. I remember when he trained at Turfway Park, and he and his wife Cindy had a small operation. They were in the 30+% winning range. They flat out let their horses do the talking. This is the way it was done in the old days. No trash talking from this group, because they would have nothing bad to say…

As he stood on the winner’s circle apron, the camera focused in on him and the announcers talked. He looked as if he would have been comfortable standing on the sun… He is humble, true, and hardworking. These are traits that are rare in any sport.

When he retires, the stable will be turned over to his wife Cindy. Oh, I bet he’ll be close to the action with her. He will be there for any and all she needs. So as far as retiring, I am sure he will be off of the program in name. But his heart will be with his wife, and his energy will be there at her beck and call.. Give it some time. Maybe he needs a breather, and who knows… Maybe we will see him back in the game at a much smaller effort. So as the sun begins to set, a cowboy walks off towards the bunk house. He is a winner. A winner in what he did, and how he handled himself. He gave us thrills, and addressed the hard questions, when most would not have been available for questions. Real people are rare, and on the last day Larry Jones saddles a horse, we should not be sad. We should be glad that we had the chance to see one of the good guys win…