Money Is King (When It Comes To Advertising)

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 26, 2009 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

In the state of Ohio, the idea of having alternative gaming is like watching the same movie over and, over, and over…..

OK, we get the people don’t want it… Then, tax the hell out of them… Oh, they don’t want that either…. What’s a person to do? Governor Strickland, you have a tough job. How can you please the bleeding hearts, the church-going folk, and the money grabbing politicians.. Did you buy into this?   If you did, you need a raise…

Here is a new twist…. if we can’t beat you, we will buy you… That is with advertising and invasive techniques that meld the truth with crapola. Gotta love it so far..

Issue 3 in Ohio is basically about having land-based free standing casinos.  They are going to let an industry that is 100 years old die on the vine. But, we will start a new industry… Does that make any sense? Kill one off and start another venture that may not hold the truth?

There has been $33 million spent to defeat the opposition. They are doing a great job, and now they have teamed up with Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert. The big bankroll comes from MTR (Mountaineer gaming). They will bury the truth, and spread the lie… They are just protecting investments in Indiana. Not a bad business move if I say so myself… Sell an idea, and promise jobs. The people are so hungry, they will eat anything. Even if it is not the truth..

Do I oppose this? Yes… I cannot stand to see any industry die off. It is not the way business was meant to be. I thought we all needed to pull together and fix things that were broken. I have trouble swallowing the story. I have trouble swallowing the loss of heritage. I have trouble watching a few thousand people get to work, and 25,000 are put out. There seems to be no balance in this equation. Just think about it, and not from a racing point of view.. So many will fall, and there is no guarantee that any will rise… Is that what any of us would want? In the times when we needed to pull together the most, it seems live divisive tactics will rule the day.