In A Nutshell

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 4, 2009 in Breeders Cup, Handicapping | No Comments >>

To uncover the Breeders’ Cup can be like finding the Holy Grail…. Things can be overwhelming.  Just take a deep breath and take a peek at the following.

The handicapping gurus are leaning toward the stalkers and closers in all races. You can throw out speed, and look for the back of the pack runners.

Be ready for surprises. The price runners can jump up at every time, and bite you in the wallet. Stretch out to get these runners in your tickets. Don’t waste your time over-capping for one winner. Be sure to use multiple runners that need a good combing over for exactas and trifectas.

It is wise to reach beyond your normal comfort level. Box up those price runners, as everyone is trying during this time.

At Santa Anita, here are a few ideas of who is winning from where:

Stalkers – 14/32  – Deep closers – 12/32 – Euros – 5/32 – and the speedsters – 2/32……

Foreign runners have taken well to the turf course. Don’t be afraid that they will not acclimate to the heat and be washed out. They seem to love the California racing. Speed is 2/24, and Closers are 15/24… Most of the foreign horses have had a start in the USA, and have had finishes of 2nd place or better. I would focus on closers, and don’t discount layoff runners for top barns.

Some of the smallest payoffs have come in the Ladies Classic – $3.00, and the highest have come in the Marathon – $26.80, Classic -$29.00, and the Turf Sprint $75.00. The rest lay in between, and it is up to you to find the value. History has been a good factor in finding which races favor chalk, and the ones that lean towards prices.

Playing straight tri’s and supers seldom works. You will need to build down, and you can find this on your lower tiers. There is great value to be had on theses levels. Don’t be afraid to stretch out.. This is a day where you will want to bring along a bankroll, or find partners in bigger tickets.

Your final stop will happen this Thursday night on our Internet show. We will break down both days, and offer out some great exotic plays. So be sure and tune in, and pick up the latest info to prepare with your data to find winners.  It starts at 8:00 p.m. EST / 5:00p.m. PST, and you can call in if you have a hot runner or insight into the races. You can contact us at 1-888-346-9144.

Best of luck, and hope to talk to you on Thursday night….