Go Right, Go Left, And Go Straight

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 9, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

The 6-1/2 furlong downhill turf course at Santa Anita is one of the neatest in the country. Kinda reminds you of something from Europe. It has a unique twist to the course, and you have to keep your head and let patience prevail to be a winner.

On Breeders’ Cup Day, Caton Bredar was doing interviews from horseback. She spoke to Richard Migliore about the one of a kind course.

He talked about the one hole being a “trap” if you are not careful. “First you break.” he said. Then you go into a right hand turn, settle out your mount and get yourself in position. Then a quick left hand turn. It is here that you need to keep your head. Horses are coming and going, and many moving on the fly. After the two turns, you get to cross the main course. This has spooked many runners, and they have to be ready to make a big run, as soon as you hit the main track again. Don’t try to move going across the main track, and just get ready to move.

After the crossover, the running begins. The early part of the race was getting your mount to relax and get into position. Squaring off your turns is very important, and looking for potential spots is your plan until you cross the main course.

“The Mig” has won over 4,358 races. He has ridden all across the nation, and has landed his tack in southern California. He seems to fit well. He already has the downhill turf course plan. This can be good, and it is no wonder he is doing very well over the downhill course.