Poly Track Promo

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 9, 2009 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

Go back two years ago, and Bob Baffert was bitching like a baby about the synthetic revolution. Now, he has taken the high road and likes the stuff after all…

Baffert has been an enigma. He plays it cool in the blue jeans and blue blazer look. His dark glasses, and devil may care attitude have been fun to watch. He has thrown roses to the crowd, put the trophy on his head, and acted the goofy money man in the past. That was the old Baffert.

Now, he is focused, and has reeled most of his horses back from New York. That is where he went when he was mad. He took his ball and went to the Big Apple. But now he is back with his California cool tan…

Bullet Bob has said that the Pro-Ride in California is playing better. It is almost like dirt. That is like saying the Yankees are almost like the Red Sox….The more water that goes on it, makes it play safer and more fair. I like the way the horses come back.

Funny how a few big winners have changed his mind. I wonder if he issues a retraction after the B/C…

Bob will be in California.. This is his area, and he has done very well in the past. I think he will talk some big money people into focusing on European runners that have done well over the surface. They have run well, and he will find the fountain that brings him the youth for tomorrow. Money changes everything, and for Bob Baffert he is too California for any other place in the nation. Oh, he will ship out and get the money, but he will return where he belongs. Who says you can never go home….

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  1. Dangerousdan says:

    When poly first was introduced I thought it was a great idea. I still think we should have a few tracks with artificial surfaces but I dont believe they should be spotlighted on days like breeders cup or any of the triple crown races ever. Last year do you think curlin would have lost the classic on dirt? This year it cost us dearly of seeing Rachael alexandria against Zenyata. Horse of the year will probably go to Zenyata and or Rachael Alexander but if we didnt have poly we wouldnt be having this discussion. Its Rachael by 10.

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