by Ed Meyer

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Zenyatta in BC Classic Post Parade

Zenyatta in BC Classic Post Parade

On rare occasions we are on hand to see great things happen in our life. Thoroughbred racing is a sport, but as with all sports, there are defining moments that will be etched in our mind forever.

The Classic is worth $5 million. It summons some of the greatest talent known to humanity. Some could not make it for injury, some for early retirement, and others ducked away from the pressure. But on this date, you can remember the day you saw greatness.

There was a field of 13 assembled, and Quality Road had to be taken out, due to a scratch on his back leg. All had to be pulled out, and the gate assembled again. A mare facing the boys was tossed out by many (including myself). Many didn’t think that she had what it took to get the job done against the older boys. She came in with a perfect 13/13 record. A little over two minutes later, she moved to the 14/14 range.  Man, how I wish I could take back those words…

She broke on the wrong lead, and was dead last by many. This would not have been a problem against many of the gals she has been facing, but today it made those who backed her at the windows draw a breath and give up hope. When the final quarter pole came into view, we could see the girl weaving up the rail against some of the best in the world. Mike Smith pulled her off at about the 1/8th pole, and did her duty of swinging wide and and gunning them down. It had the look of a lawnmower going over fresh spring grass. She was a monster, and now for the naysayers there was proof that she was that good.

For the longest time, Rachel Alexandra was being summoned to face her in this race. Lucky that she didn’t. For a filly that accomplished so much, she would have been another name on the also ran list.

I am glad they didn’t face off now…. I am glad that Rachel comes back in 2010, and Zenyatta goes into history. There is only one question that begs to be answered after this day. Is she “Horse of the Year?” I think today answered that question. She beat all of the boys, and did it in the same fashion that she whipped the girls. Today was a day that goes into the books. This race was the highlight of the two-day event, and Zenyatta proved to be quite the best.