Ladies’ Choice

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 11, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

As a racing fan, I have loved that this year has been the year for the gals to shine. It is rare when the top two are girls, but we have had the pleasure of watching two sweethearts run into the history books.

The debate is still rolling in many circles. I think it will, as long as the doors open at the track, or when two or more punters gather to talk shop.

For the record, I have loved watching both of these beautiful creatures. But, here goes my opinion for the record. Once again, it is mine and just like you, I am entitled to choose. Either way you go, just take a deep breath and rethink the year. The achievements speak for themselves, and I wanted to put the issue to bed with a final opinion, since the big racing is pretty much over.

I think it would be silly to entertain the thought of having two “Horse of the Year” awards. You cannot deny either of the girls, but you have to pick just one. That is what makes it special. It was kinda like when we were kids and not everybody made the team.

For your consideration:

Rachel Alexandra won 8 races in 2009. Zenyatta was victorious in 5.

RA won five Grade I races. Z won four.

RA beat the boys 3 times, and Z beat the males just once.

Z did make more dough this year with $3.3 million compared to RA’s $2.7 million.

Camp Zenyatta and her loyal fans will argue that winning the Classic is the factor. It is huge, and that is not to be taken away.

But, Rachel Alexandra defeated winners of the: Kentucky Derby, Belmont, Travers, Jockey Gold Cup, Whitney, Stephen Foster, The Test and Acorn Stakes.

I guess we could have made up our minds easier if they faced off. But, Jess Jackson wasn’t going to have another repeat of Curlin in his barn. He was not going to send his best runner and face a home track specialist.  Can’t blame him with that kind of money on the line, and the breeding business down the road. I guess these are the tough decisions of every owner in one way or another.

At the end of the year, I can only go one way. If it were my vote or decision, it could only go to Rachel Alexandra. She was the one we waited for all of these years. She will go down in the books with some of the greatest names in racing. This is how we judge the game that was played. Zenyatta will be in the Pantheon as well, but her name will always be one behind Rachel Alexandra.