Train Of Thought

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 23, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Just like John Madden, Tim is afraid to fly…. So, he bankrolled for six months and took a second job at night, so he could take his three weeks vacation at Calder.

Traveling from New York was quite a haul, but it was a scenic trip. Kinda’ takes you back in time. He enjoyed the trip, and all the way down, he read handicapping books he had been accumulating. It was a meditation time for a punter.

When he stepped off the train in Florida, he was met by a friend, who was going to allow him to stay at his home. They do business together all year long, and the friendship has grown over the years.

His plan was to go to the track four days a week. He would work around his friends house, and see some local sights on the off days. A bit of a bachelor’s vacation, and an attempt at winning some money. He began with a bankroll of $4,000, and was going to make it last. He was the kind of player that kept meticulous notes, and the money he was playing with was outside of his life. This was discretionary income from being an account manager at a pizza chain. This was a smaller version of his day job, but that was long behind him and the sun was shining.

Week one roughly left him around -$500.  So, you could chalk this up to entertainment. He didn’t blink, and looked forward to the rest of his trip….

Week two was very bad. He lost over $2,000….. The trip was not working out, and he kept to his task. He cleaned house and made some day trips on the off days, and took his best shot at the ponies. You gotta love Timmy. He is the kind of player who never complains. He was still having fun…

Week three started off good. He picked up his $2,500, and a few extra bucks. His final day was laden with turf races, and he likes the weeds. He nailed them for $2,400. His trip was a success, and a bunch of fun.

The train ride back was restful. He picked up a few books, and his loaded iPod played the classics. No phone, or two regimen job calling. The extra money allowed him to make plans for a late spring trip back for Gulfstream. So, as he pulled back into the station with his iPod making the background beat, he felt like a new man. He was rested, and couldn’t wait to go back. But, in the meantime, it was back to two jobs, and building his bankroll for next year. Things didn’t sound so bad. The sun was not shining, but in his heart everything was aglow. Just like in the westerns, the good guys do win…..