Turkey Day – 1993

by Ed Meyer

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It seems like yesterday.  I was not the typical student graduating college. I worked in construction for some years after I graduated high school. At the end of my higher learning, my father asked me if I would like a school ring or to go to Las Vegas with him and his wife. Well, if you see me, you won’t see a ring on my hand…

We made our way to Vegas. It was my first trip. The simulcast explosion was just a few years old in Kentucky, but in LV they had a cornucopia of action. I couldn’t wait…..

When we landed, I found myself shoving cash into one of the airport slot machines. The party was officially kicked off.

The day began with my dad asking me to make my way to a smaller casino that had a food court. I was going to bring back donuts. Well, an hour or so later, and running into an instant racing style machine, it left me with warm milk and half of the donuts eaten. I had jelly all over my face and a pocket full of quarters. The day had not started, but I had found action.

My dad and I sat in the racebook from the first at New York, until the last in California. His wife was mad as hell. She had not eaten all day, and was waiting for him. We showed up late with draft beer breath, and lighter pockets. Hell, who could not lose after a ten hour day playing every race at every track. But, simulcast was new and when you are in Vegas, you must act like an ass your first trip. I lived up to my end of the deal….

So, after a few days. I was ready to head home… As my plane headed out into the darkness on the red-eye, I thought about the food, fun, and first time in Sin City with my dad. Anyone can have a ring that they would put in a jewelry box after a year or so and forget all about it. But, every time anyone mentions Vegas, I can see two guys in the Imperial Palace book drinking them two at a time and having a blast. These times are ones that make me give thanks on Turkey Day. We definitely were not the “Brady Bunch” and we would have made June Cleaver ashamed. But I give thanks for spending time with my dad, and having memories of a lifetime. Thanks, dad……