I’ll Bet Alone…

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 24, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Friends make a day at the track, and they can make your day more enjoyable. They love to go, and having a pal at the races is fun. It seems that some of the friends that I go to the track with aren’t really following the game, and ask about everything. They are trying to learn, and I love to help. But the thing that gets my shorts in a wedgie is when they make a wager, and then blame you after it loses.  Go figure….

Bringing new players to the game is important. I love having a compadre around at the oval. But when someone asks you, and you try and teach them, you are not responsible for the outcome.  If wagering was as easy as that, there would be no one at work and we would all be at the track… Kinda crazy huh?

I love to impart the wisdom I have accumulated over my twenty plus years as a handicapper.. But, when your good friend turns sour after a loser, they bitch and moan about you and your abilities… This hurts worse than a double wedgie… I have some that do that very well with losing.  I have a pal that says: “It is in the family history to blame someone else for a bad outcome.” Do they sound like a gambler? Can we bring them around to understanding that it is not magic? It is a mix of art, science, and luck. Add in money management, and you have a fighter’s chance. Take a little knowledge that you gain daily, and a horse player is in the making.

I know that some love to win. But, even if the favorite wins, they average a winning total of 33%. That means they lose 67%.  The stock market can be dicey, and even waiting for Auntie Edna to go towards the light and leave you the pot of gold, cannot be a safe bet. Overall, take it easy.. Especially if you are the one asking advice. If you like, you can buy a magic 8-ball, or you can ask your sister if her undies are in a bind. This may give you insight into the 5th race.

Take it easy, and know that you may lose. I have asked some of the best players in the game, and the big theme is patience.  So, before you point that stick in the face of someone who takes the time to teach you, have patience, or just stay home…