The Horse Spa

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 2, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

We all like a little pampering. A nice massage, a swim, and a visit for a manicure. Just another day followed by lunch and wine tasting. Except if you’re an 1,100 lb horse, and you need your pampering too.

A little farm near Florence is just the place. First, a horse has all four hooves clipped and filed down. A farrier is there if it is time for new shoes.  This would be just like your manicure.

Then it is off to the pool.. I always heard that swimming is good for the muscles. After watching my horse do twenty minutes in the pool, while being led around by the trainer in circles, I needed a nap….. You could liken this to doing your morning swim laps.

The horse is hosed off, and shampooed. The mane is combed out, and a complete brush job all takes place while heated ceiling lamps keep the area warm.  You could call this your day at the hair salon….

Then, after all is done with your pony, they are led back to a large stall. It is big enough for two runners, and they have a groom holding the entire time. In walks a small man, who is a horse chiropractor. Yep… A chiropractor. You watch as your horse become well aligned, and has all of the kinks and tough spots worked out. I think I even saw my runner walk out of there a hand or so taller. The adjustment went well, and there was no abnormalities felt….

We were done… I had a fresh runner who had the complete make-over. I really liked the environment, and call me a new-age-hippie-leftover… But my horse ran much better. We still continued to swim him, and when many runners cannot train due to -5 degree weather, he gets twenty minutes in a climate controlled environment… Now, that is the life…