Making The Grade

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 6, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

For the men and women who play in contests all year long, your reward is coming soon. The NTRA finals will be held at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas.  On January 29 and 30 of 2010, some skillful players will fly home with a little more jingle in their pockets.

I know people who play in twenty or more contests. I also know folks who have qualified on their first try. Either way, they have a chance at the $500,000 top prize, a part of the $1 million total payout.

Player one, as he will be known, has qualified for the fifth time for the NTRA contest. He plays in many contests. He even played in a $10,000 buy-in…. He is on his way. A quiet handicapper who is a great family man and a methodical student of the game. He writes for magazines, and is recognized as soon as he walks into the room. We sat together at The Fall Classic in Vegas, and enjoyed the contest. He wanted to get qualified there as well. He came up short, but I bet he’ll be taking chances to get into this one as well. He is a player, plain and simple. I think it is matter of time before he plays for the biggest prize….

Player two..  He called me the other day, when I came home from work. Number two plays in many, but limits himself to driving time. If he can make it in seven hours or less, he is there.. One of the nicest guys you could ever know.  This is his second trip for the big money. I was so happy to hear he made it. I felt like I had actually won.. Good luck, my man….

Player three. He makes it to a few contests a year. He lucked out and came in fifth. But, two players ahead of him already made it to Vegas, and now he makes his way out as well.. I sure hope he gets a piece of the money….

I get to play in about three or four NTRA contests. I usually head out to The Orleans.  My job is busy in the spring and summer, and my travel has cut back. But, I love playing. I have had some very nice runs, and I will get back. Oh, did I mention that I made it out my first time with my first contest. The feeling is incredible. That is why I am so happy for my friends who work so hard, and make many trips. You can liken it to making it to the final table in the World Series of Poker, Game 7 in baseball, a buzzer dunk, or the day your received your first gold star on your paper in grade school. The feeling is incredible, and the work is a labor of love.

Good luck guys, I will be rooting for you…….