The Comeback

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 8, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

My grandpa used to tell me that all horse players will die broke. I never really understood these words until I became an older man. No matter how good you are, it all gets left behind.

I have seen many that never seem to lose. They could fall into a sewer pipe and come out with a handful of diamonds. They have that special something that makes them shine when the lights come on.  No study, no practice. They show up late, and leave with the cash. But, for the majority of us, we have to do a bit more work. A labor of love, but work just the same.

We bankroll for big days, and take notes and create horses-to-watch lists. I have had bad days, bad runs, and the ever frustrating close but no cigar runs. If I had to pick, that is where I am right now. I finish in honest placings in some contests, and just keep knocking on the door. “You can’t win it, unless you get in it.”

You know what I mean? If you don’t, then you are that happy go-lucky player, or you are doing so bad, that down looks up. But, fear not my friends. It all changes. That is the best part about gambling. If you have solid data, and the bankroll, the world is your hot dog and a beer at the concession stand.

I have been knocking as of late. Some of my friends have qualified for Vegas, and I am stuck finishing in the upper 20%; sometimes better, and others a little worse. But, I am knocking and do I ever want back in…..

Some of the plays I select hold their own. Some even do very well. But contest play is different. It takes luck, big prices, and money management. Oh, and luck………I have thought about just making my usual spot plays, and trying to run up a bankroll. But, the contest play is where I love to be. WinningPonies has been kind to me. They have sent me on my way, and I had the best info in hand to pull out the prices. I will be back. It is like any athlete that makes another run. But this game knows no age or has no boundaries that will hold you back. That is the part. As long as you have the desire, and the belief in the game, you have a shot.  Just as poker says, “a chip and a chair.” Racing belongs to those who never give in, and come back fresh the next race, day, or meet.  Nothing like it.  It is the only game that allows you to leave yesterday behind, and tomorrow full of hope………