I’ll Bet…

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 17, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

As a player, I am always looking at new wagers. I want folks to have fun, and the track will make money and survive.  Everyone wins….

Here are a couple of ideas me and some other track execs have tossed around. Let us know what you think… After all, your vote is the important voice.

This one is called the “Triple Double.” You must make a first wager of a DD. Pretty simple, huh?  Now, if you hit, you have to return to the windows and must bet the same amount of a wager on a new DD. If it hits, you get to move to the next level…. It is an all or none proposition, and the carryover goes to the next day…. Think about it… Three DD’s, and you could have a sweet return….

The revival of the “Big Q.” You must hit the quinella in a selected race, and have to return to the windows if it wins, to wager the same amount on the next race quinella. It has a separate pool than the usual quinella, and can grow nicely….

Round the World” – This wager entails any four selected tracks. It will be offered once a day, and you must select the winner in each race. Liken it to a parlay, and the selection of many tracks can make it fun. The best part is hitting the pick four from four different tracks…. This would appeal to live and simulcast players.

Losing Streak” – You must select the last place finishing horse in three races. Just like a pick three, but you are selecting the last three losers. Go ahead, try it and tell me how easy it is….It may sound negative, but it is fun.

Keep your mind open. I like to hear what you have to say. As a member of a race track management team, I will take your suggesti0ns to the boss. I will be your conduit to the inner sanctum…..So, fire away and bring me your ideas.