New Year Resolutions

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 29, 2009 in General Discussion | 12 Comments >>

Every year we all join a gym, quit smoking, go to church more, and be nicer to the neighbors. But this year, I have decided on picking something that I will stick to….

#1 – I promise to not bet any runner that has not made it to the races for over sixty days. This excludes turf races of course. (They tend to hold their form).

#2 – I promise not to lend any money to “stoopers” who pick up tickets for a living. Even though they need the money, they just bet it anyway. Then they don’t talk to me for six months. Well, on second hand, I’ll keep this one going…. It is a cheap way to say so-long for a half a year….

#3 – I will do more trip handicapping before I make wager one. This used to serve me well in the past, and I have recently gotten back into things. It works, give it a try….

#4 – If I see a horse that looks good on the board, I will try and stretch out more with multi-race wagers to find maximum value. Why leave it on the table?

#5 – Take someone new to the track this year. We need to grow a new fan base. The old ones are dying off….

#6 – I resolve to not criticize anyone who handicaps on TV or in print. It looks pretty easy, so go ahead and give it a try….

#7 – I will download my data at the earliest time possible.  Waiting just set me back, and can get me in a jam….

#8 – I will not play a rider or trainer who is o-20 or worse at a meet or season. I will wait until they pop the cork, and then I will follow them to the winner’s circle.

#9 – I will make it my goal to educate someone along the way this year. It kinda works with taking new people to the track. I will help them find useful info that will make the fog disappear.

#10 – Be a keeper of the flame. Talk about our sport, get involved, and know what is going on. All of this I do, but we can always do more. Help others understand what racing is facing, and hopefully we will start a grassroots effort.

Well, there they are…. I know my gym membership will get dusty, and I will light up a Macanudo on a big day. But for the upcoming year, I think it is more than ever important to educate the people. When we watch old footage of when Seabiscuit faced War Admiral, more than 1 in 3 Americans tuned into the race. We just had a year when two of the best females to ever grace the track ran lights out all year long.  Relish the moments. Go the track with friends and relatives.  Get involved in an ownership syndicate. Donate to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.  Make it a point to go out at least a couple of times a year for family events and marquee race days. Above all, make the track a kinder place. Get to know three new players this year. It is like Facebook without the typing.