What Is Going On?

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 6, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Back in the old days, the biggest caveman won the battle. Then the gangland approach held sway, and threatened those that could not be beat. So, here we are in 2010. Some of the events of the day make me scratch my head and ask, “what is going on?”

The gambler that threatened Conduit to be pulled from a Group-1 race from Royal Ascot or he would be killed. This has the ring of Phar LapĀ and so many animals that suffered at the hands of bullies and thugs. The bad guy in this scene was not wearing a mask, but actually texted his way into jail by telling the racing manager to pull the horse or he could be killed. Over the many years, there have been insurance schemes, and sad stories. But to threaten a runner to make some money does not fit this day and time. He has 34 weeks in jail to re-think his ways, and maybe someone should text him and let him know how stupid this was…..

British racing is toying with the idea of showing odds in a decimalized form. They feel that the change will be inevitable, and it will happen sometime. Funny thing, Keeneland is toying with the idea as well. Overall, I like the idea. But dollars to donuts, you will lose and confuse the new players. Don’t discount them. They will be the next generation of players. If we lose them, they will go the way of Jai Alai, dog racing, and many others. I would put the odds at 1-2, or 1.5 in decimal form……

The game is dying. The priest or pastor has been called, and code blue has been announced. Why are there legislators deciding the fate? Why haven’t we threatened them with their jobs? They have threatened our jobs, tax base, and sport. So, why wouldn’t we pull together and let them know they are on notice. No more will we accept the idea of a bully who wants to saddle his butt in a chair for years to come. We elected them, and we can change that. Legislators are killing the game in many states. The time has come for no more talk, and a bit more action. You better hurry, as post time is running out…

The capper is about a small-time joker from Ohio. He had sick and dying horses on his property. Dead carcasses showed that we have lost track of accountability. Why would this be happening? Didn’t someone notice before it got this bad? He had a trainer’s license, and the trust of many that he would take care of their animals. Well, he neglected those without a voice, and gave our sport another black eye. It is people like this that give trainers and racing a bad name. But, the rest of the story comes to life as the backsides of many tracks have pooled resources to take and care for these animals. This is a normal occurrence, as the good people in racing always come together and do the right thing. They may, and will always compete against each other to the best of their abilities. But, do something wrong to one animal, and you will see more people stand up and take charge. Cost is no object, and the time and energy mean nothing. They will fix this, and it is up to the legal system to fix people who abuse animals.

We need to stand up and be heard. Watch your neighbor’s back, and care about what may not affect you directly. Get involved, or at least get informed.