Will There Be Another Day?

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 11, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Racing is in so much trouble. We used to be the reigning champ of gambling. That was because we were the only game out there. That is like the other team not showing up when you take the field.

We need more than just slot infused purses. I think we need less racing. Yes, you read it right.. Less is more… I want you to do your homework and watch my home state track. Watch Turfway Park’s handle. They have just dropped to three days a week. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that they will add a day. I am betting it will be Mondays…. That way they will run Friday – Monday.

So many tracks are cutting dates, and we may be able to get us back on track by giving less action. Let us focus on quality versus quantity. In the meantime, let us focus on doing more for the loyal people who stay with us.  In this adversity may lay the opportunity we have all waited for.

The tracks will still be able to put on the show for horsemen, and possibly share in the extra with purse increases. So, let the game cut days. Give it a try… The only thing we have to lose is nothing. We already are suffering with current ways. Let’s try something different. But, we need to focus on improving our product, and getting reacquainted with the people again. This may be the standing eight count for racing. Some fighters use it to come back stronger, and others will not and wilt in the later rounds.

Here is an idea. The world is hurting, and let’s not cry about our industry and act as if we are alone.  Give us a standing eight count, and we can catch our breath. Once upon a time, we had tracks who made hand over fist by just opening the doors. But things have gone South, and we have raised the white flag. This may be the time to focus on details, and allow legislatures to give us a tax break, or allow full fledged gaming to compete and take the seat on the throne again.

Racing can survive, but it will get worse before it gets better. Just hang in there….Less can be more, and this may be our time. Just like the tracks were fifty years ago. We may have a hidden opportunity by taking care of our own problems and pulling ourselves up by the boot straps.