Monday, Monday… [Free Selections]

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 31, 2010 in Free Picks and Tips | 2 Comments >>

The Monday card has made the year for a track like Beulah. Being one of the only tracks running, it has made a nice handle run. But, it does offer some nice action at the beginning of the week.

Race #2 – #5 Sinus Rhythm (5-2).

Edgar Paucar is in the saddle for David Ashcraft. They are winning 21%, and 20% respectively. Not a bad deal of action in Columbus. 1/1 at Beulah, and is dropping into conditioned company. The drop at Beulah can make all of the difference in the world. Paucar can get the job done on a three-legged donkey. Makes the move from poly track at Turfway, and if you go back two races ago, you will see a win in his name. I think they are spotting their horses right, and today should be no change in action.

Race #4 – #2 – Hail Victory (15-1).

Octavio Reyes is up for Cenaro Garcia. 1/1 at Beulah is a nice start. Goes from 1 mile to 1 1/16th on the main. Go back three times in his history, and you will see he shipped in from Chicago. That has been the route where more winners have been found the next effort out. He grabbed his win, and then went off to poly track land. This is a speedy gelding and can be tough to reel in if he gets loose. If he does, you will get handsomely rewarded. That part is what you are seeking, and if you go this route, you will want to hook this price up with other predictions.

Race #5 – #5 – Kulka (5-2).

Yuri Yuranga for Joe Woodard. They should call these guys the “cash machine” as they win at a 25% clip. Last out was at Turfway, and now finds himself in lesser company. Woodard knows his game, and Yuranga is his man in the North. He rides Rex Stokes in Kentucky, and they all make a nice team. Ohio looks to fit this mare much better, and she should stand up and be counted today. The middle move last out shows me she is on the right path. I like the combo, and the teamwork is great.

Get yourself some Beulah. This little oval can surprise you and give you some nice early week action.

Best of luck!