Easy As 1-2-3…

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 5, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Scientific Games is at it again… They have a new wager out there that just may be a hit with players from all walks.

S.G. has an innovative idea with a bet that is part wager,  part contest, and all fun….

The concept is that players wager $2 on each entry. They have a selection of 6-8 races to wager. They will receive points for all of the win, place and show finishes they have. The payout is after the takeout, and goes out to the top players who finish in the top three.

The ticket can grow in cost depending on how many horses you would use in each race. Think of like a P-6, but you get points for your finish. The players can follow the progress on screen, and have a blast for a few bucks to win a hunk of dough.

The wager was originally developed by Racing World Technology, a U.K. based company that tried the wager as a promotional item in New Zealand. It was a hit, and now it has come our way.  R.W.T and S.G. have come together and will be bringing this wager to more outlets as the year opens up.

I think contest players will love this, and P-6 players will enjoy shooting a few bucks on the 1-2-3 Wager. This has to be one of the newest ideas that has caught my eye, so be on the lookout at your OTB or track near you. Let us know what you think…..