Just Go Away

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 5, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Things just aren’t right. The old days where trainers took good care of horses, and owners cared about the sport, have veered a little left of the line.

Take Mike Gill. He has won an Eclipse Award, and taken down tons of money. He has won so many races that it is tough to count. He left racing a few years ago, claiming to hang it up for good. Sometimes the competitive side of all of us can call us into dark places.

Gill is driven to succeed. Maybe that is part of his professional side that he brought into racing. Take it to the limit, and do whatever possible to win. If you worked in any job, your boss would probably recognize this behavior as productive for the company. Mike Gill may have taken this just a little too far.

When you race horses and push them too hard, your results can be dangerous. There is a rider who is aboard that wants to do his job and go home. He or she doesn’t want to worry about runners they know are not fit. The horse in question may be two in front, or be right next to them and go down. There is the danger. The riders know it, and other trainers and owners know what is going on. No matter where you stable, they know about your practices with the company you keep. Gill has had some of the most plagued horsemen in his employ. People who need to clean up their act and just get away from the game.

I have read every article written. Gill wanted to run, sue, and complain about being singled out for doing wrong.  After all of the hullabaloo, he has decided to back off and quit. He has turned his runners in and wants out. He is tired, and after public outcry, he has recoiled back to his hole. Mike, that was the best thing for all in the game. This is not something that needs to follow you into your professional life. Just keep yourself out of the racing game completely.

This can be a story that just fades with time. Funny thing, time cures all wounds. Just stay out, and I think your life will find that balance again.