Beulah Bullets [Free Selections]

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 8, 2010 in Free Picks and Tips | No Comments >>

It is time to play Tuesday. There are not many tracks going, and we get to play a little oval in Columbus, Ohio…

I like the play. The track offers value. It has the ability to pay off, and if you watch your P’s and Q’s, there may be a little jack in your wallet at the end of the day…

Race #3 – #1 – Cowboy Fury (3-1).

Dean Sarvis has the call for Dougie Cowans. They are winning at 23% and 34% respectively. As a team, they win 38% together. They are 1/1 at Beulah, and is second time off a layoff. This is a player’s angle. The last out with a win allows Cowans to roll back into the winner’s circle at a 28% rate. Heavily bet last out, and Cowans does well with this angle. Shipped in from Penn National, and running at Beulah has been a nice answer. The bullet work was a signal of good things to come, and the jock/trainer combo gives me confidence. 4/4 ITM, and comes off a win in the last two weeks.

Race #4 – #1 – Garden Dancer (3-1).

Yuri Yuranga in the irons at a 20% rate, and Woodard is rolling at 38%. Add them up, and they win at a 28% rate, and 63% ITM.  Horse for the course, going 4/6 at Beulah. Bobbled at the start in the last effort, and was a beaten favorite. The combo is 8/9 ITM over the last 14 days, and if both parts of the entry go forth, I think they will get a huge piece of the pie. Woodard has the ability to get win and place in here, and it would not surprise me at all. 3-1 is a square price, and go with confidence when Woodard saddles at Beulah.

Race #5 – #5 – S.R.Four Queens (2-1).

Dean Sarvis is up for Cowans, and as I said, they can get it done. Running off a 3rd time layoff angle. A filly for the course, 5/5 ITM at Beulah. Impressive speedster who has faced much tougher and has plenty of back class. Sarvis can flat out over-power, and has the ability to rule the roost if you let him. Anytime you see Cowans in a race, you can feel good about your wager.

Good luck!