Toss It Out

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 10, 2010 in General Discussion, Other Events | 1 Comment >>

This past weekend at Aqueduct, we saw a very nice three-year-old run in the $100,000 Whirlaway Stakes. It was a compact field headed by an overwhelming favorite Eightyfiveinafifty.

I was glued to the screen when, after breaking well and getting in a roll, the first turn was the place where this baby bolted and went through the outer rail. It looked as if his career would be over before it even started. He finished his last race with an impressive 17 plus length victory. It had people calling from all over the world to pony up million dollar offers to get a shot in May.

After seeing Jorge Chavez taken out wide after struggling wildly, I thought for sure it was over for him. I watched Peppi Knows roll into the winner’s circle, and I never gave it any more thought as I began to feel he was done.

Chavez told trainer Gary Contessa that his runner broke his bit, and and he had no control. Eightyfiveinafifty received a small cut on right hind leg. This was after he broke through the outer rail and made his way onto the main track. He jumped the outer rail and was caught by a guard on his way back to the barn. It sounds to me he did get a workout.

Dismiss this race. He did nothing wrong, and if you called with the offers before, you may want to call again. If you wait one more race to see if all is well, then that $2 million you were going to offer will now be $10 million. I think we have seen a very nice runner after a maiden break, and with the short running history of many three-year-olds today, I feel you may want to get on the bus while you can.

Chavez will be back riding this week, and the horse will mend this minor injury. You just need to keep notes on this, and get ready to see the next race. It may a nice opportunity to see him in a stakes race to prepare for the big time.

I haven’t seen much of this in my time at the track, but you can bet he will be looked over with a fine tooth comb next out. Things do happen, but I would bet dollars to donuts that you will not see it next out.