Coming Soon!

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 10, 2010 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

I was all stoked as Terry Wallace said that there would be a BIG announcement the very next day. I had a feeling, and I was correct… The purse was huge, but we will have to wait until a later timeĀ for the gals do battle.

Oaklawn president Chalie Cella went to the wall and p0nied up $5 million for the gals to run. It normally has a $500,000 tag, but the event of the year was boosted if they both showed up. Today, a press release was sent out saying that there would be a delay. If I were Cella, I would have had a 5 martini lunch. This would have been the highlight of the year, and would have drawn mega-attention to Hot Springs…

Jess Jackson has claimed that the fans have spoken, and the media has been heard. Rachel Alexandra’s connections have decided to work with the NTRA to set up a series of races that may be held on various tracks, and distances. It will culminate in November. This sounds like a plan. They have been off for quite awhile, and it takes a great deal of time to be ready.

They will pass up a $5 million dollar payday. But, that is the short side. They are about to give the fans a year to remember. I am willing to wait. It sounds like a plan to work with a marketing force that will make this an event. Jumping at the first brass ring could be a mistake. It was a great offer from a historic track. Cella had the right idea, but it looks to be a little ahead of itself. I like the waiting game. Give it time, and the people will be there…