by Ed Meyer

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Every year, Dr. Moses takes a trip. He is a lifelong bachelor, and is dedicated to teaching. This has been his life, and he has many friends that love to swap stories and catch up with the good professor… Oh, did I mention, he has visited over 50 tracks around the world, and loves his races as much as the classroom..

It seemed like it was two years ago, claimed the professor. Each year he heads up to Cody, Wyoming. It is west of Yellowstone Park. He spends a month visiting the sights, and enjoying nature. He has made friends over the past twenty years of going there. He does everything he normally does. All except play the horses….

It is this solitude he enjoys. The time away from playing the ponies three to four times a week. He travels around the nation, and makes trips to Europe and beyond to enjoy the sport. But, this time away gives him a needed cleansing. It allows him to forget, and come back refreshed.

His time allows him to visit Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton, and Devil’s Tower National Monument. His friends have an open door, and they talk about everything under the sun.. All except horse racing. This is his edge. His time to remove the bad beats and photo finishes out of his head.

He leaves before the big races begin, and if he sees a paper, he never glances at the racing section. He lives in a cabin alone, and it is one that is all “green-powered.” His college friends allow him to use the place. He catches up on reading, and even takes along “How-To” books in racing, and novels from some of the greatest writers. That is all fair game he says, but nothing current. No races that are happening, and no cloudy mind. Just fishing, and time away with his dog, Buck. They walk and enjoy the woods. It is this time away that brings him back stronger each year. For Dr. Moses, it is the solitude that gives him the drive. The drive to polish up his game and make his worldwide trips.