Just Stopping By…

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 19, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

Just stopping by for a few races. I kinda missed you guys… Tom had been away for two months, and was in the hospital. It was good to see him. Glad he stopped by…

He has played the races for over fifty years, and his memory is incredible. He can tell you every winner from the first Derby, and even give you the rider. I wish I could pull that trick, but I guess that is what separates the good from the average.

I stopped by his table, and he was telling me every horse that is on the Triple Crown trail, and who really looks good to him. He had a streak of eight straight Derby winners. Now, go back in history, and see if you can pull that one off.

Tom has been smoking most of the years he has been alive. He smoked in his office until he was 70-years-old. After they adopted a non-smoking policy, Tom turned in his retirement papers. He still goes outside and has a puff every other race. He loves his smokes, reads the program outside and doesn’t miss a beat.

Overall he is a solid speed handicapper. Save your breath if you are going to tell him a tip, or a horse you like. He says he’ll play who he likes and that way he can only blame himself. Good philosophy…..

Well that was two weeks ago, and it seems like yesterday.  A friend stopped by my office and asked me if I knew that Tom had passed away. I answered, no… I should have known he was ill by the hospital trip and the overall shape of his health. Either way, it didn’t matter. Tom would not be on the steps drawing a puff and handicapping speed. I loved his ways. Old-time, hard-headed, and did things his own way. He was a typical racetrack character you meet along the way. I sure am glad he stopped by that day. It was good to see him. Nobody knows when the last call to the post will be blown, and we must savor every moment we have in each others company.  For the one jerk I can name, I can name you fifty good guys. I sure am glad he stopped by that day……

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