The New And Unusual

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 1, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

When people become complacent with some of the wagers that are put before us, we have started down a bad road. The new wagers can entice the new, and allow the big players to find an edge. As always, I like to scratch my head and come out with a few plays. But, this is all not my doing. I listen to many folks who attend daily. When we stop listening, we stop learning about our most important asset: the players…..

Here is one that has a sports feel – However many races you have, you have an OVER / UNDER wager. This is where you add up the number of the winner of each race and accumulate them for the end of the card. Have your handicapper take his best shot, and if you don’t think this has a sports feel, you have lived under a rock. It is easy; no capping each race, and fun to be had. The newbies can just pick a side, and the sharpies can load on their side. You can make it all parimutuel, and for example, have OVER- 35  / UNDER -35  / and a tie. The wagers could have odds tied to them, based on how the public wagers.

Show me the Money – Just as popular as the “place pick all.” But, this allows you to wager on a runner or runners per race to finish in the money. If they do not, there is NO consolation…. It carries over to the next day.  All bets must be placed before the first race. I bet you will see this grow better than you thought….

Q-3 – here is a wager where you must select three consecutive quinellas. After each race, you must return to the window to exchange your ticket to get your next wager. This keep players around, and the excitement could grow. If nobody hits this wager, then it carries to the next wagering day…

Triple Double – This is where you can wager on the opening DD, and if you hit, then your ticket is alive for the next rolling DD. You get two in a row, and then the fun carries into the third and final DD. Hit all three, and you get the gold. If nobody hits it, then it rolls over again.

OK, if they don’t fit, and you want to play the prude, then by all means do-so. It wasn’t long ago that Keeneland had eight races, and one double.  The Pick-6 was a California dream, and the Super High-5 came from the Caribbean. It is all about fun and keeping the interest of the people. I like having a choice, and playing if I want….