The List

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 2, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Nature’s green is gold….. But, the sheets that were prepared by the gent who walked among the common player to the upper-deck couple, was pure gold, and it is gone. That is, until now.

I never use a name to protect the innocent, and keep others from getting pissed.  This has probably saved me from at least five or six black eyes.

Long ago, a man wh0 loved racing so much would create a Derby compilation that would rival anything overcharged by the so-called professionals. They would cover every horse that was heading for the Derby, and it would cover everything from the elusive Chinese math Dosage Index figures to the cross breeding. It covered a personal history of each, and what their parents did on the oval. After reading this, you would have more than plenty info on so many trying to squeeze into the Derby gate.

He would give an intro of how he started in the game, and what he did over the years. He was a professional as far as how he made a living, but he made his life being a loving father and an avid fan of the game. It showed through in every word of his yearly publication. It began with a modest ten to twenty readers. Once you were on the list, you had to send in writing that you didn’t want to take the ride down Derby lane.  It would have been hard for anyone to have ever picked up pen and wrote on paper.

His record wasn’t bad, and the funny thing is that all walks of life would have a copy. The guy who cuts your grass, to the man at the bank. They would come in all shapes and sizes. That was the best thing. It was just about the time when you would be telling a friend about a great tool you received in the mail, and they would interrupt you and tell you they were on the list. It was kinda like that movie “Fight Club.” It was a secret, but everyone knew….

Time passed, and the kind gent went on to pass out his publication to the fans that lived in heaven. The sheets went silent, and the music was gone. It was a number of years, and his son, who is a crack-smart banker, stepped up and carried on his father’s legacy. He added names, and kept the same secret sauce.  The love could be felt through every word that he typed into his father’s sheets. The data, the info, and the love shown through in every page. It was good times again.

I would consider myself to be lucky to receive the sheets. If I were to tell you how much I looked forward to those green paper sheets, and the joy that I took from thinking about my own dad, I guess I could tell you all about them, and it would be then that you would just smile and look at me and tell me you are on the list……