by Ed Meyer

posted on March 13, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I was sitting in the same spot on the couch, ALL DAY. With all of the races, and a nasty little cold to boot, there was no better place to be. Here are a few observations. Respond if you wish, because they are not law or scientific facts.

The Tampa Bay Derby showed me a gutty throw down. Can you believe that Odysseus won? I can’t either, and I bet him… He was so tough, after throwing in the towel and finding more down the lane. I either have him in my Derby runners, or he will be relegated to G-3 action at best. Either way, I thought it would be his day, and you can bet that Super Saver will be in the gate at Churchill….

The Rebel gave me chills. Gomez was not only stopped, but he almost came out of the saddle at the half, after being cut off.  Looking At Lucky is the real deal. Gomez gave us all a show, and that is the reason he is the money man. He was beaten, and dug in like a wild man. He looked possessed, and put on a show. Note to all riders: If you wonder what it looks like to be whipped and find the best in your horse, watch this race 100 times…. Lucky is as tough as a nickel steak.

San Felipe

All that I have to say is congrats to Sydney’s Candy, and man did that finish line show up in time. Interactif is coming along at the right time. My feelings have deepened, and I can’t wait to play him back, as they get better with time. Also, the Mr. Atkinson experiment is over. Caracortado is good. It is time to put on a big time rider, who will get his best. Atkinson has done well, but he cost them the race by floating a little wide and getting lost down the lane.

Rachel Alexandra will come back, if all is well. I think she got more out of the race at Fair Grounds. R.A is a big gal. She will come back and deliver a beating at Oaklawn.  Asmussen knows she needed one, and today was a good barometer. Zenyatta was just the best. Plain and simple, she outclassed the field. I told many folks that I thought Zenyatta might need one, and R.A. would roll. I was just a little backwards. Zenyatta is a beautiful animal, and I hope they install a synthetic surface before the race. Right at this time, they are starting to talk about the big race not happening. I sure hope Mr. Cella gets them there. He has worked so hard, and this is the stage. Asmussen is beating himself up pretty good, and it is not his fault. Borel didn’t give an interview. I am starting to have doubts in a big way. R.A did not know what to make of the spaceship that flew into her fly-zone, and her reaction led me to wonder. But, I still think after many thoughts and talks, the show will go on…..

By the way, I was watching two racing television shows. I switched back between the two. Here comes the winner: HRTV was great. TVG was a little lacking. When the great Rachel was running, they were announcing their own call in studio. I know they like to keep it fun, but not on the big weekend race. John G. Dooley does just fine. They made a poor showing, and HRTV was informative and didn’t get caught up in a looking good contest. TVG is for the beautiful people, and HRTV is for fans of the sport. I guess it all depends on what you want to watch….