Pick Your Spots

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 3, 2010 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Help/Educational Articles | No Comments >>

I live for weekend wagering… Don’t you? Especially this time of year, there is a cornucopia of action of the best runners from the biggest connections. But, as fun as they are to watch, some real value may lay just beneath the surface.

The marquee days have a big G-1 or G-2 race that takes all of the attention. But, there can be a heap load of value for the undercard, as sometimes we forget. We get so caught up in finding the winner of the biggee, that we let three winners go past.

This is where WinningPonies can rescue your day. You will be watching The Wood, Santa Anita Derby, or The Ashland…. There are so many, it is tough to keep track of the smaller races that offer great value. So, download your data and rely on the predictions. This can make for a great day at the races, and it allows you to handicap and compare with the predictions. After all, betting the ponies should be a treat, and not a treatment…… When we start watching three tracks, and try and wager solo without having a solid foundation, well, it can be a tough day at best…

Just select your tracks, and take a look at how the exotic predictions have done in 2010. I would wager with confidence, and enjoy the day by having the right tools to get the job done.

For so long, I used to try and fight so many races. The day would get really long, and if you do the math and win 40%, you will lose money a great deal of the time. So, just press print, or write down the predictions and enjoy your day. The first Saturday in May is coming closer by the minute, and you won’t want to waste time looking for value when it was right at your fingertips all along.

Good luck, and enjoy the day!