by Ed Meyer

posted on April 12, 2010 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby, Other Events | No Comments >>

Well, don’t be… If you watched the two big races on Saturday, you saw what it takes. The best come to ply their trade, and come to show you how great they can be. Well, it happened again. It does each year, and the game doesn’t let you up. You have to battle through and find your way. Look for an angle, find an opening, and be willing to take the hits if you want to find the top.

Racing brings out many feelings for me. I have loved this game ever since I was in the backseat of my dad’s car on my way to watch cheap claimers. I loved this sport, and the man who introduced me.

You have to listen to your gut, and don’t pay attention to the people who don’t believe. You are in the right place if you are reading this. You are reading the words of a fan who begins his trek every winter, and counts down the days to see who is the greatest of their generation. There can be only one, and that is what makes it special. Who can tell me who finished third in the Derby three years ago? Me neither… It doesn’t matter, as there can be just one winner.

I guess after watching today’s preps, I get more excited. They may have shown us the way, or maybe it meant nothing. A horse player is a unique animal, who will not be beaten down. We take the hits and keep moving forward. Lose today; we’ll be back the next…. We’ll get them next time. Today wasn’t my day, but I will be back.

When I saw Alan Garcia win aboard the longest shot on the board in the Bluegrass, well, I began wondering. Is it him? He was called a future Hall of Famer by Gary Stevens. I had the pleasure of speaking with him on our Internet show. He is good, and today he got his ticket stamped. Stately Victor is on his way.

John Kenton Court won the Arkansas Derby today aboard Line of David. I watched Court ride in the heat of Ellis Park, and star on the series “Jockeys.”¬† He has seen many better days, but today was his. It belonged to the man and his mount. The man who returned to Oaklawn Park after California sent him home. Well, he is back….

So, don’t be disappointed if your horse didn’t win today. Your day is coming, and the only way it won’t arrive is if you quit trying. They didn’t, and the game endures. This is racing. This is what the road to the Derby is all about. The time is coming, and when you hear¬†“My Old Kentucky Home” in a few weeks, I hope you are on the right side of history. If not, we’ll get them next year…..