“It Lives”

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 19, 2010 in General Discussion, Handicapping | No Comments >>

That is not the title of a movie that my son would be watching. It is a way of wagering that has turned more weekend warriors and second guessers into regulars, who get to come to the track with the wife’s blessing.

You have heard me tell tales of parlays and multi-race wagers. This is another that may help turn your countdown to the Derby into a profitable endeavor.

Just as a refresher. I like to make place parlays when I am at work. I get there early, or look the day before, and find four of the best plays. It doesn’t matter if you make it place or show wagers, but the margin of profit is important. You must look for a payout of 1-2 on your money…. I know, sounds chalky, but just take a look…

Start the day with $50:

$50 place and get back $3.00 – you now have $75

$75, and get back $3.20 – you now have $120

$120, and get your $3.00 – you now have $180

$180, and go one last round and get a whopping $3.20 – you now end up with $288

Four place bets, and you make a profit of $238, and now have a bankroll to play with. Call it the “Rule of Four.” No more, and if you want to try again, you may do so with $50. Keep your money accounted for, and it will not disappear. So, build that bankroll, and with the help of WinningPonies, you will be able to target your plays easier. My friends have had luck, and I have as well. Just stay patient, and stick to your guns….

Good luck, and let me know how you do……