by Ed Meyer

posted on April 19, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I had the information for Keeneland’s card since Friday. I have begun my typical regiment of handicapping, and will continue into the night. I like to be prepared. The last thing I will do before I make final decisions, is to pull down the card from WinningPonies. It has served me well, and for those who are serious about getting solid information, you know what I am talking about.

On Sunday, they have a major tournament called the “Grade One Gamble.” It will draw players from around the country, and you can bet they will be the best. One for certain is the DRF / NHC winner Brian Troop, who just won $500,000. I know two others, and they are about as good as they come. It is an honor just to play with such players. If you just do anything, you know it was against the best.

There are only 36 seats that will be filled. The top three go to Las Vegas for the 2011 DRF / NHC finals. I have been excited to go for quite sometime. I miss very few days, and when I asked my boss for the day off, he looked at me and said this must be pretty big. He wished me well, and all things are falling into place.

As I said, I have prepared. It is at this time, when you know so much money is on the line, and you guess if you did enough. I believe I did, and the butterflies have gone away. To borrow a line from one of my favorite movies: “The Hustler” – ” Fast and loose. I am going to play fast and loose.” This doesn’t mean I am going t0 rush, but it means I will just play my way: no deviations, and no changes… These are the things that sink you before you begin.

Hold on tightly, and let go lightly. Prepare, make your decision,  and bet…. Just do your best, and try to have fun. It really doesn’t matter where you finish in the big picture. In 100 years, who will care? So, just have fun and enjoy playing against the best. That is my plan. So wish me luck, and know that I will be looking at the same information you will have, if you are playing Keeneland on Sunday. I hope I use it correctly, as this could be a big day. The ride down will be filled with excitement and thoughts, and the return home is always filled with how you could have done things differently. But, overall…. I am stoked…. Wish me luck, and off I go.