Have You Heard Much About Dosage?

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 29, 2010 in Educational Articles, Handicapping, Kentucky Derby | No Comments >>

Dr. Steven Roman created a system in the 70’s that generated a numerical rating which would show a horse’s pedigree for being speedy, or having bloodlines to be a closer. Sprinters typically have higher numbers, while route runners have lower dosage.  The world of racing was locked in, but for this past year, it has fallen to the back of the book. But, we wanted to give you something to think about. There have only been 4 runners that have won with a Dosage rating of over 4.00. Here is some to think about when going to the wind0ws:

American Lion – 3.57

Awesome Act – 3.57

Conveyance – 4.33

Dean’s Kitten – 1.15

Devil May Care – 2.53

Dublin – 2.33

Homeboykris – 3.67

Ice Box – 3.36

Jackson Bend – 6.20

Line of David – 3.00

Lookin At Lucky – 3.33

Mission Impazible – 4.09

Noble’s Promise – 3.36

Paddy O’ Prado – 1.20

Sidney’s Candy – 1.86

Super Saver – 3.00

Now, about this time you are starting to get information overload. I would dial up WinningPonies.com and start to make sense of this race. I would also use the change of weather tab, as Churchill Downs has incredible drainage. So, if it rains all night, it could be fast by the morning. Just be up to the minute, as CD will have the tracks sealed to hold off the muck and mud.

Good luck, and take a look at Dr. Roman’s ideas.