One Day

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 3, 2010 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby | 3 Comments >>

One day…. Many things can, and do change. If we remember back to bad and good things in our life, what a difference one day can make. Maybe it is not a day, but just a matter of hours. Or, maybe it can be just a little over two minutes.

On Derby Day, there were over 155,000 fans cheering home Calvin Borel. It would be the third time in just four years. Incredible by anyone’s standards. Borel is great… No doubt about it. As I watched him interviewed on horseback, he didn’t have that “Cajun-howl” going on this year. He didn’t tear up and talk about his life. He looked as if he always belonged there, and maybe he is right. He stood with more confidence, and had the swagger of a big timer. He is still the little guy who works his brothers shed row in the morning, but something seemed different. I could see the same look on 10-12 other faces in racing. I can remember Pincay, Cordero, Cauthen, Stevens, and Bailey having the same look. It is a stare as to say much without saying a word. To me it said; “I am here, and it is not a fluke. I was born to ride baby, and I can get it done.”  I love it… To see a man shine in the light of success is magnificent. Rare is it that we get to see such an evolution. It is like being called off the bench while taking a nap, and stepping in to hit the game winning homerun three times in four at bats. One was nice, two showed promise…. Three, is the number that separates the great from the average. He is still a common soul, but his light shines bright.. If you are a racing fan, you had to have cold chills down your back when he said, “It is time to go all the way baby.”

This was the first time that I saw Todd Pletcher really smile. He had the monkey off his back, and it is time to shine. He is no better today than he was two weeks ago. The difference is that his name is etched in history, and we had the pleasure of seeing a serious man ply his trade….

Good luck guys.  It has been glorious to see such poetic beauty. As a life long fan, I will remember this as the year my dad called the winner back in November. He never lost sight, and kept to his guns. I will also remember the outcome it had on two men I watch daily. All three were correct, and it just can’t get any better than that.  Or can it?