by Ed Meyer

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You are Bob Baffert and you have a colt named Lookin At Lucky. He has come back good so far, and he always seem to run into trouble. What would you do?

Here is a nickel’s worth of thought. I think this colt may be one of his best. I would do the opposite for awhile. If you work him hard, take it easy. If he likes to sleep, get him busy. Just shake him up a bit. Work him in with multiple horses. Keep him behind runners, and make him rate until the last furlong. I saw this move from many big name trainers on their way to Ascot, Keeneland, Churchill, and Dubai. I loved to watch this dance. In Louisiana, they used to print up the training races. It would show how many worked, and where they finished.

Now, for the record, I am not questioning one of the best trainers I have ever seen. He is great, and it just takes me back to what so many trainers have told me. They tried to get them to mature, and get rid of the bad habits. Most of the time it worked, and all of the time it gave the runners needed schooling.

I would give it a try, and see what happens. He is just a bad actor, and seems to be a magnet for trouble. Most of it was not his fault, but it happens just the same.

I hate myself for saying this…. I think it is time to part ways with Gomez for this guy. G.G. is great, and one of the best money riders in the game. I just don’t think he fits. They don’t get along, and it may be needed. I would shoot for Ramon Dominguez, Prado, Desormeaux, or Albarado. I would even consider using Martin Garcia, as he is his new man in California. The kid would give his all, and you know he would follow every instruction from Baffert. But, Gomez may have to go on this one. I think he is even doubting himself…..

So, what would you do? It is easy on our end, but something has to be done. It would not surprise me, and Gomez knows that he and Bob will hook-up plenty. Nothing personal, it may be time for a change.

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  1. Bud says:

    ” .. they don’t get along” Based on what? Their their 66% win percentage? their 88% rate of finishing in the money? Or are you saying ” I just don’t think he fits” because of a bad post position assigned in the derby – or being fouled by another horse in the SA?
    All four times he had trouble, or the outside/inside post position, he went on to finish first, second, third and sixth.
    Martin Garcia used up his horse in the first mile to finish 15th in the derby. How does that make him a great choice? Oh, I forgot – his agent’s brother owns Lucky.

    Baffert should keep Gomez on Lucky. But he won’t.

  2. Horstradamus says:

    I love Gomez. I have made more money on him than any other rider in 2010. That aside, I agree… But will it happen?? Garcia is just a name out there.

    You have to admit in baseball certain pitchers do not face certain batters. There is a reason, and sometimes we disagree. I found another blog from a site I read and I put it on here just to stimulate thought for the both of us…

    Thanks for your comments, and I do hope they keep on Go-Go, but I am doubting a bit…

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