by Ed Meyer

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I was reading a well written article by an articulate gent, Mr. Stan Bergstein. His writing caught my eye, and after reading his handy work, I was surprised…

His eloquent words described Mr. Calvin Borel and how he strided into the history books just last Saturday. Of the 155,804 fans in attendance who watched and cheered him home, there was a gent at home who saw another view.

He felt that Borel had “punished” Super Saver down the lane by going to the persuader eight times in the last eighth of a mile, and he even counted a total of 14 from the quarter pole to the wire.

He was amazed at how the writers all took special notice of how this rider hugged the rail. He said all riders are supposed to do this, as it is the fastest way home. I agree with that section of his article. He called him St. Calvin, and wondered what the S.P.C.A  or P.E.T.A would have thought about his ride.

OK, enough is enough… Racing can be tough. Boxing draws blood, and in the NFL, I saw at least ten guys taken off on a cart to the hospital. NASCAR has casualties, and baseball has injuries up and down. He made it a point to stick the dirty finger at racing. He didn’t like the ride, and he felt he used the whip too much.  Well, Mr Bergstein.. I disagree…..

In a field of 20 three-year-olds thundering down the lane, the whip is used to keep your mounts attention. They do not beat them up. If they hit too hard, it can stop a horse. They shy from the whip. I think what you saw was a Cajun rider getting into his mount, and encouraging him to keep his mind on business as 150,000 plus fans screamed….

Second, if all riders could hold the rail, why didn’t they do it? I have heard of the married man’s ride, which is about two or three off the rail. It is safer, and they don’t run the risk of being bumped or tossed over the rail. He started riding like that when he was 6-years-old. It was the shortest way home, and the difference of eating rice or bologna for dinner when he was a kid. How can the whole world be wrong about calling him “Bo-Rail”? He does hold his spot, and if you were watching the TV, you would have seen a blimp shot where he kept out of trouble and only had to go around one horse in his travels. I like his gutsy ways…. He rides like the oldtimers.

I have been reading your articles for a long time. I will continue. I think you were a little harsh as a turf writer to point out your negatives, and not touch on one positive event of the race or day. I especially liked the way you called P.E.T.A and the S.P.C.A into action. Have you given up on racing and are looking for a job? I was a little disappointed from a writer that I respect. I enjoy your insights, and just because you do not jump in line with the other writers with praise. It was the way you made it a negative point, and attempted to tarnish the day with your ugly view of the race.

Have you lost your enjoyment of the game? Have you forgotten what drew you to be a tree-hugger in the first place? Please come back. I sure miss reading your articles. Someone has taken you, and there is a bitter man writng your column. Please pay the ransom and bring back Stan Bergstein. I sure miss him…….