Class Act

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 18, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

We can’t help it sometimes when we get jealous, or just be a little envious when someone gets a break. I guess we can all be guilty of doing this at sometime or another, and we overcome these feelings. But, when you are on the major stage and people are questioning your abilities, only the real winners stand up and do the right thing.

Garrett Gomez has overcome many things in his life and career. But, in his blog, he spoke the truth and gave kudos to where it was deserved.

Gomez felt tough when he told his wife that “Lucky” had crossed the finish line first under a new rider. He has taken young Martin Garcia under his wing a bit. He had told him to watch his money, and prepare for the future. Young guys come into the game, and they rack up some huge chunks of cash. Some do some things that are not smart, and if they are not careful, can be taken advantage of. He set him up with a valet, and has given him that big brother advice. The kind of stuff that makes a young rider better, and helps him stay out of trouble.

Lookin at Lucky is a great runner. He has a bright future, and so does Gomez. Garrett has shown the world he is pound-for-pound one of the best money riders. G.G. did not fit the colt. No, this is no excuse or no smack on Gomez. They just didn’t fit….

Martin Garcia is young and coming up in the game. He did nothing any better than Gomez ever could. He has been on him in the morning, and they are old friends. Baffert gave him a golden chance, and the kid made the best of things. This is the kind of boost that can give a rider the leg up he needs to send his career into overdrive.

I was glad to see the ESPN article about his blog. It shows great depth of character, and makes me root that much harder for him in the drive for the wire. Garrett Gomez has seen the good, bad, and the best… I don’t think we have seen the end of his great rides, and after reading his words, I have another reason for enjoying his work.