Race Trackers

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 21, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

I was reading a super blog. It was so funny, and true at the same time. It was pretty comprehensive, and it got me thinking about special folks who have made my top list. Some are funny, some are gross, and others are just racetrackers. Here are a few to add to the list….

1. The Fighting Old Men – I actually saw two eighty-year-old friends stand up and throw down as one had the winner, and the other was beat in a photo. Marciano knocked out Dempsey’s dentures, and both were asked to leave the track for life. After discussing this with our track president, the punishment would not last a few years at best. We were probably OK in letting these two back after many letters begging to come back….

2. I Made The Double – I saw a man running in from the parking lot when I was about 20…. He was flying… He ran in just as I was going through the doors. He jumped the chain at the admission gates, and did not pay….That was not the worst part. As he ran up the steps, he looked at the windows to the left, and the men’s room to the right… He studied for a minute, and ran right to the windows…. Well, needless to say he made the double, but he made a mess… He was asked to leave by security, and was not allowed to cash in his winning ticket, as the floor crew was busy… Those poor clerks, when he brought that ticket back at a later date….

When you read a great story or blog, it starts you thinking about so many of the characters you have seen over the years. If you have worked at the track, well then you were doubly blessed.

3. Do You Have a Dollar? – We liked to call him the Chief… He was an Indian gent wh0 would be in full gait running around the four levels of the track and he would ask every person he encountered if they could spare a buck, buddy….. Many said NO, but for the most part, he would run into enough good natured folks who would keep him in action… The night that he won a $2,000 exacta was the best. He was jumping up and down like a wild man…. He was so happy, and finally the big score had arrived. There were about 10 track buddies who gave to the chief about 50% of the time. They were young, and always drinking beer… They all started laughing as the chief was cashing in, and they ran full speed at the chief and all of them at once started begging and shouting at him for a buck… Some begged, some yelled, some were laughing, and everyone who knew the Chief was rolling on the floor… They all knew his ways, and this was his payback….. The Chief stayed away for almost a week until he returned to his old ways…. The look on his face as these young beggars surrounded him was priceless…. It was just another night at the track, and the Chief was the star….. His 15 minutes lasted way too long for his liking!

Next time you are at the track, take a look around. I have gambled in many states, and have been to countless tracks. Every track has their own special faces. I guess this is what makes racetracks special. Nowhere in the world will you ever meet such a melting pot. Keep your eyes peeled, and I bet you’ll join the crowd… You will have more stories than money, but the people-watching is well worth the price of admission….