by Ed Meyer

posted on June 30, 2010 in Handicapping, Help/Educational Articles | No Comments >>

I have to applaud your efforts in seeking out a data system that covers all bases. One that will uncover the hidden points you may miss. But, before you jump in head-first, I want you to do a little homework.

The PP’s on WinningPonies can unfold and look like any program or DRF you have read in the past. I would do your homework first, and then take a look at the tier levels and predictions. This will give you a fuller perspective on what is going on. I have a 10 pt system that you can use to comb over your PP’s quickly to give you a point breakdown of your own. This will give you a gauge and ready you to dig into the tier levels. Here we go:

1. 1 pt for a rider who is winning 15% or more = 1 pt  / Shows riders ability

2. Same for the trainer  who is winning 15% or more = 1 pt / Shows trainers ability

3. Horse is running back two months or less = 1 pt / Recency shows readiness

4. Workout since last race = 1 pt / This may be an effort to tighten the screws

5. Cutting back, or stretching out in distance = 1 pt / Trainers looking to find the answer

6. The same class level or less than the last race = 1 pt / Shows confidence, or looking for softer spot.

7. 50% ITM at this track = 1 pt / Horse for the course

8. 50% at this distance = 1 pt / Likes this distance to run

9. A troubled comment line = 1 pt / You must see if the chart callers saw a troubled effort

10. Blinkers on/off, or first time lasix = 1 pt / Blinkers on gives speed, and blinkers off could have been a hindrance. First lasix gives more stamina.

10 points total

Take a look before you dig into the tiers, and see where you stand. This will give you an understanding of what you should be digging for, and how a price play may be hidden. So, do your homework and then go digging. I think you will feel more in tune with the wagering process, and if you do not have the time, that is what we are here for. WP is reliable, and can make the process easier.

Class is dismissed……..