by Ed Meyer

posted on July 9, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Gamblers are one of a kind. I don’t think that anybody can argue with this. They may strap on the tie, or put on a hard hat during the day, but when they hit the doors at the track. they become transformed.

If Superman can find a phone booth where he turns into the Man of Steel, then a horse player can easily shed their skin to become another animal. This is for about 80% of the players, and the other 20% just stay the same.  But, just walking in the door still gives me chills after all of these years.

I have to say that just like drinking, not all players act the same. Here are a few animals I have watched first hand for many moons:

  1. The excited player. They are elevated in mood, and just love the thought of being there to win money. They typically come with a few pals, and adult beverages follow. They are fun to hang out with.
  2. The professional. These punters take the game seriously. They know all of the stats and trends, and are quick to point out just what you don’t know…
  3. The complainer. They are a distant cousin to the professional. They bitch about every ride, bad beat, and getting shut for the big one.  They make the air come out of the room when they walk in….
  4. The old man. I love older players. They bring fun and flavor to the day. I like the stories, and the tales of the big one that got away. But, there is a subset to this group. They hate everything, and make a list of complaints to tell management. The long story short: they can’t, and won’t be happy. They don’t enjoy the day, and it seems that these old gents can’t be fixed. Truth be told, they were always like that even when they were 30……
  5. The happy-go-lucky. They come in with a few bucks, and hit big.  They don’t even have a program, and they nail the ten cent super for $2,000. They always are a good time to be around, and they become the talk of the track when they hit. I love watching this player. They never expect anything, and before you know it, they are buying you a drink after the big winner they just hit. They usually play colors of horses, mileage numbers, names, and quick picks to nail good scores. They fuel the fire of the complainer, old man, and professional with ammo to bitch about.

People watching can be the second most fun at the track. You will run into some of these folks if you keep your eyes peeled. I hope you see more Happy-go-Lucky’s and excited players. They make it a great day, and no matter what, they always seem like they are winning.