New Faces

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 16, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

The game will stagnate and die if we do not make an active move to build our fan base. We can blame and second guess tracks and OTB’s for business, but a great deal still belongs on the player.

Take someone new to the races. Invite your neighbor, the guy from the next cubicle, or get a family member to go.

If you have something in common with the person who goes, then a friendship builds. You can yack about the day’s events, and you can celebrate the winners, or commiserate about losing days.

If you go with a work acquaintance, I’ll bet you will have more people talking around the water cooler. Get them involved, ask your boss if your company can have your event at the track: holiday events, meetings, or a place to meet after work. This is the building block that we got involved with. It is your responsibility to show a sport you love. I bet you have no problem talking about the baseball game, or who won on Monday Night Football. Who knows, maybe they will like it so much that will bring a friend or neighbor.

I love to see young guys and gals enjoy the races. We have an intern named Ryan. He enjoys the track, and latched on with us to hang out, and who knows what he will get out of the experience. I wanted him to go away from the track with a sense of belonging to a family, and to be a better speaker in public. He is the kind of guy who leaves the room a better place when he arrives. He has been on our in-house handicapping show. He did an excellent job, and I feel this is only the beginning. I guarantee he will be back in the game….. I think he will be on a few more times to showcase his abilities.

This has been good stuff…. To watch new players get in the game. I found myself calling and leaving him a message about horses for the weekend. I guess you can say that I really think a lot of this guy. He is more than just an intern. He will walk away and be an emissary for the sport. Funny thing, long after he ends this summer, I think he will call, or I will ring him up to come out and play some ponies. That is how it grows. One person at a time, and all that it takes is time. It is not like working overtime for nothing. It is an investment of fun and one of a kind action. Try it, I think before you realize it, you will have a few new friends hanging along the rail talking about who will win the third race……