by Ed Meyer

posted on July 18, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

No, this is not the western movie you grew up watching as a kid with your Dad on a Sunday afternoon.  This refers back to people who have horses, and all think they have an angle to win. Now, we all want to score, but it is against all odds for everyone to be a winner.  Here are a couple of stories about the “Cowboys.”

  1. I knew this guy who had a cheap claimer. Every time he was going to run, he thought he could win. He was young and dumb, and for the first time he was on the inside to a degree. His runner had all heart, and no tools. He would try as long as he could, but sometimes it just wasn’t enough.  He always kept his friends in the loop, and when he did win, it would be at a MUCH lower price than it should have paid out. Funny thing, the more he got into the game, the less he found out he really knew. He gave up that side of the action, and went back to being a $2 Nellie on the apron betting someone else’s runners. I think he is much the better.
  2. For every soul in the world that believes that a horse should pay $62.40 as a good thing is a liar. If not a liar, then a fool….. It just doesn’t play, and I have found out that if you know, then so do 100 others. The price average in my book is about $5.00 – $6.80. This is real live money being wagered, and unless it is a monk who keeps his horse hidden, the secret will get out. There is the farrier, the vet, other trainers, the workout boy, the racing office, security, and many, many others…..
  3. Of all the “Cowboy” plays I have ever known, I only know of one who took the money and ran. He had a tip on a family horse. Hell, it could have been family for the most part as they were all tight buddies. They didn’t care if you found out, but you would have to be a magician. He knew this pony was doing some experimental medication and should run. He borrowed, and begged the cash to make his $8,000 wager. It was all, trifectas and superfectas. Very little money to win and place…. Well, this runner scored and paid $68 to win… My pal made off with a little over $200,000. He never said a word, and even on this day, he won’t tell the whole story. He has bought property, and invested in a company of his own. He does very well, and sold a chunk of his land to a discount chain where everyone shops, and you don’t want your neighbors to know. It rhymes with “Balmart.” He is doing just fine, but he is the only Cowboy to saddle up and take it home…..

So, bet your own runners. Don’t take it for granted that someone is willing to part ways with easy money. Would you? That is where the fun is, and picking and winning is much more exciting than listening and losing.