Playing With The House Money

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 21, 2010 in General Discussion, Handicapping | No Comments >>

Playing with the house moneyDon’t you just love a good day? When I have a winning day at the track, it seems to magically wipe away the 100 losing efforts, and the many photo signs that give me grey hair. Funny, that magic moment carries us through many trips, and all0ws us to stand in the pantheon of winners for that shining moment.

I first started with my old man. You read many things about my stories with him. But how can you not remember the guy who started you off with the love of your life? I won’t call it a mention, but a tribute to opening the doors and letting me walk in with him. We had so many stories. I watched him win so many days, and not be able to pick a place horse in a match race. This is the curse of the horseplayer. Hot and cold, on and off, and ying and yang….

You have to enjoy your days on top. When you reach that attainable goal of playing with the track’s money, you have to employ discipline and focus. I have seen so many players implode and pull a Red Sox-style losing streak just when they looked invincible. To set a goal, and then reach it is a great thing. This is what the winners are made of, and if it seems like a fog to you, well, I suggest you drop back and punt.

Get your goal, and stop…. Have a beer, and cheer on your pals. If you are alone, there is no shorter walk to the car when you have house money in your pocket. It is really not “house money,” but you get the picture. Stop when you’re ahead, walk off homer, winner for the day, and don’t give it back on this trip. I have a personal goal of 4x my bankroll. It doesn’t matter if I have $25, and now I have $125. I try and put the brakes on. Sometimes it is like stopping a train. For the many trips to the track, and my ventures with my Dad, they are rare… Those words creep into your head: “Today is my day, and it is just getting started.” They can be the worst of messages that scroll through our noggins. You can’t say you have not heard the voices, and I kn0w I have heard them 1,000 times….

I had a run one night. I first lost most of my paycheck on a Wednesday, and then I was surprised. My boss brought me a small bonus from a past project. It was a $100 check, and I knew I was golden. That little infusion started me back, and at the end of a long day I was $700 to the good…. This was extremely rare, and it hardly ever happens. But, I pulled it off… The next day was not so fortuitous. I lost about half of my stack, and cursed myself on the way home. It was bitter-sweet. I find myself going through days of not playing. I have money in pocket, and access to all wagers. I feel it cleanses my palate. Give it a day or two, and see what happens. But, no matter what, set a goal and stick to it… This is the ONLY way you can win on a regular basis. No matter how good your system or data would be. If you do not employ money management, you are dead in the water. Just think about that long walk to the car, or the short skip to row “Z” when you are a winner. You decide, it is all up to you…..